About Me…

I am a dancer

I am a lover

I am a musician

I am a geek

I am Love

I am God

I am You

I am


From my perspective, life is too short to live it for anyone else.   I enjoy finding what I love and putting my energy there.   I love music, sound, people, meditation, dancing, playing, connecting with nature.

When I discovered sound healing, this vibrated with me in a wonderful way.  So many parts of who I am are inspired and fulfilled by using sound to raise the vibration of others.   I spend much of my energy now feeling empowered and light, and sharing this with others.  I love helping others to discover their inner joys, release their fears and inhibitions, and let go of old patterns of belief that no longer serve them.   And I do this through sound, song and dance.

The path taken to find myself this way has included so many incredible teachers, mentors, and friends.   Please explore what they are about – I love them all!  ❤

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