Listening / Downloads

I’ve just put out my first sound meditation album.  If you can, take an hour and listen to it in a quiet environment with headphones start til end, closing your eyes, focusing on your breath, and just noticing how the sounds are affecting you.  (note: link takes you to track 4, you need to go to bandcamp page to start at the beginning of the album)

Shauna:  I’ve listened to your album a few times and every time I turn to glowing jelly 😍

Pam: I’m so glad I bought your CD.  Its great to have in the background while I putt around, it just reminds me to relax and sit and feel and sing and just be quiet in my mind.

The wonderful Andrew Kevin Guerette and I have also done a little recording of our lovely sound journeys together.  We call this project Starsong.

Meditate and chant along with us as you listen!