I regularly host chanting events, otherwise known as kirtan.   We gather together to sing songs of love, of peace, of praise – to honour all of Life, from Spirit to Earth and all of the magic between.   You don’t need to be a singer.  At all.  The experience is about feeling the group energy as we repeat beautiful yet simple chants over and over.  We hold a space of silence after each chant and just feel how it affects us. We provide song sheets and choose chants from a variety of spiritual backgrounds, as well as writing our own.   See the Upcoming Events page for the next one and join us! ❤

What people have said about our kirtans:

The chants filled my heart with love and when I lost track of where I was, I knew I was in a totally zen space where my heart sent out its most beautiful energy.  This was healing for me and I feel truly blessed to have been a part of it.

I couldn’t let 2016 get too far into whatever its going to become without thanking all of you, for such a delightful, inspiring , uplifting, rewarding, enlightening, kirtatonic welcome to the New Year. Blown away, I was. Just blown away!