Personal Sound Sessions

Sound is a powerful tool to help us move into a space where healing can occur. The vibrations affect us on many levels and can help us quiet our busy minds and relax our tightened muscles. Our brains can move into a dream-like state where our natural healing happens. Its so magical.

When you come for a personal sound healing session, we start with a quick discussion on possible needs and form an intention for the session. Then you just lie down and relax, surrounded by crystal singing bowls and other lovely sound healing instruments. Rebecca holds a space of intention and love to create the optimal sounds for you at this time. If you are comfortable with it, you may have bowls placed directly on your body and have tuning forks used on you to pinpoint particular areas that may be helped by the vibrations.

Personal sound healing sessions can be done as an individual or a couple.

Here is a small portion of one personal sound healing session as an example – but please note that every session is different.


Here are a few testimonials, see more on the Testamonials page:

I am grateful for how Rebecca’s healing session helped to clear blocked energy in my head, and to shift systems back into balance. Rebecca brought presence, her beautiful healing gifts, and a huge heart.

Two days ago I had the privilege to receive a Sound Healing Treatment from Rebecca. Together, we set an intention for the session. During the session I felt honoured for where I am on my path. I felt palpable releases of what no longer serves my highest good. Most of all, I felt and still feel expansive in all areas of my life! Thank you so much for creating and holding space for me to rebalance all of my bodies.

During this session I felt energy move through me. My pinched nerve always ‘acts up’ when energy is moving and this was no exception. I felt energy move out of my feet and began to feel incredibly light. I saw so many colours as well as warm and healing white light. I feel wonderful. I feel blessed. I feel like something that was stuck is slowing unsticking itself.  Growth is happening.

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