Sound Healing

I am blessed to have a growing collection of crystal singing bowls and other sound healing instruments including gongs, tibetan bowl, tingshaws, steel tongue drum, magical french chimes, and more.  It is my joy and pleasure to use this instruments to guide people into a space where natural healing magic occurs.

Personal Sound Healing Sessions


Personal sound sessions make use of all instruments as well as my voice. These are placed around you and are used in whatever manner is needed in the moment for the highest healing for the individual or couple.





Listening / Downloads


You can find the songs and chants I have been recording under the “Music/Chanting” section, but here you can find sound healing recordings to be used for relaxation and meditation.



Group Sound Sessions


Group sound sessions are based around either crystal singing bowls or gongs with many other sound healing instruments included.  They can be meditation based, or background easy listening music at a wedding or spa type event.