I enjoyed a beautiful healing session a couple of weeks ago and wow – Rebecca you are so talented and use such a wide range of musical healing tools. Thank you so much xoxo 


Rebecca is love & light. I had a wonderful experience with her in a private healing session, helps clear the mind, find your center, hear the truth, relax and be. She is a magician of sound. Totally recommend to take and appointment with her or to attend her other sound healing events.


Rebecca has a gift. But instead of keeping this gift to herself, her passion is to share this gift with those who step into her healing space. Rebecca listens with a full heart and is very attuned to what you need on journey through sound.

Using the beautiful crystal bowls and other sound elements, Rebecca moves around your body, and at times, may place an instrument on your heart or your head. If the shadows call to her, she will bring healing sounds to them – leaving that darkness behind.

When your session is finished, you may feel lighter. You may feel more focused. You may feel more determined than ever before to tackle the things holding you back. You may feel like you can fly.

This is not woo woo stuff. I’m the biggest skeptic there is. This has science on its side.
But Rebecca has the gift.

So what are you waiting for? Go. Be healed. ♡


Rebecca masterfully evokes the most beautiful and enveloping healing sounds from her crystal bowls. To lie among the vibrations she generates is to lie among the warmest of waters and most gentle of currents.


I just had the most healing session ever. The vibration and journey was warm and filled with a heart opening.


Rebecca is a gifted sound healing practitioner. Suffering from grief and overwhelming stress, I sought the help of Rebecca White Raven. In an other-worldly experience, the healing vibrations of her crystal bowls, chimes and tuning forks washed over and through me, leaving me with a deep satisfying feeling of peace. Thank you Rebecca.


I didn’t know what to expect for my first sound healing session. I came with an open mind and heart to experience fully whatever I needed to. It felt good to chat with Rebecca before we started about what I needed and to discover my core intention for the session. It’s pretty hard to describe the experience. Just like my coaching/healing sessions they’re always different and quite profound for people; this was the same. During the sound healing my being felt cleansed from the inside out. I felt held and taken care of by the orchestra of sound around me. I have chronic pain due to an injury and I found my body responded very well to the crystal bowls and gongs. At one point Rebecca played a C and a B crystal bowl together that felt amazing and caused me to hum which brought the resonance down my throat and into my heart. It was very healing. For those who haven’t tried it before I definitely recommend indulging in this purifying experience. Come with no expectations and let the vibrations of the universe do the work!


My husband and I experienced a couples sound healing session with Rebecca. The entire experience was amazing! We felt comfortable and safe from the moment we arrived. My husband and I held hands for the entire session while Rebecca performed her amazing work with her crystal bowls. At times she even placed the bowls on our bodies so we could feel the vibration moving through the entire body. She also used a couple of other instruments throughout the session. Both my husband and I left feeling completely relaxed but invigorated with a bit of a body buzz. Rebecca does an amazing ability in sensing where energy needs to move. I highly recommend Rebecca. If you have any emotional or physical healing to do, Rebecca will do her magic and help you heal.