Unity Field Healing

Unity Field Healing is a new type of energy work recently brought forth by Dr. John Ryan. Rebecca has been fortunate enough to study under Dr. Ryan and is now offering UFH sessions.


There are three UFH sessions.

Session 1 is a form of “DNA activation”. The UFH energy is introduced into your energy field and a strong connection is made with your higher self to move into this energy and allow transformation or “awakening” to occur. This session can result in a multitude of different healing experiences. Session 1 must be the first UFH session experienced.

Session 2 introduces the UFH template to your energy field. The knowledge of your most perfect and healthy self is contained here and your higher self can use the UFH template to adjust your patterns to bring you into greater alignment with this self-actualized you. These pattern shifts could occur on many levels – physical (muscle holding), mental (limiting beliefs), or emotional (reactions of sadness/anger/fear). One or more Session 1 experiences are required before Session 2.

Session 3 allows the UFH template to be activated with a specific healing intent. During a discussion before the session, Rebecca will work with you to create a powerful healing intention to best serve you at this time. This healing intention will be brought into the UFH template to allow whatever is necessary to shift and align with the intention. One or more Session 2 experiences are required before Session 3. Additionally Session 3 can be done many times – whenever a specific healing intention surfaces.

You are welcome to explore the world of UFH at the official website here: http://www.unityfieldhealing.com/

UFH Testamonials

“Yesterday I received my first UFH (Unity Field Healing) session from Rebecca which was amazing!  During the session, I was laying on my back with my eyes closed, so I was visually unaware of exactly what Rebecca was doing.  I could, however, feel the encapsulating process as she moved around my body.  It felt as if I was being gently wrapped up and I was becoming aware of the refocusing of my being back into the body I have been given.  About a third of the way through, the imagery and feeling that the sacred geometry – infinity symbol (think of the figure 8) – was getting in motion was brought to my consciousness which I think is incredible.  There was also a point where Rebecca was working near my head and I felt parts of the front part of my brain sparking up / waking up which sent shocks through my body – Rebecca later explain upon my inquiry that it was my pineal gland.  I had never felt anything like that before.  The session overall left me feeling one with my body and very relaxed and rested.  I can’t wait to experience my second session.  Rebecca makes you feel comfortable and cared for.  I would highly recommend this experience and form of healing to everyone.” – Amy

“I had two wonderful healing sessions with Rebecca! Her shiny personality made me feel very at ease and welcome. She answered all of my questions, and the space was very cozy and serene. When it came time to do the healing, I fell into a very deep, peaceful relaxation. It felt like I was there a very long time. I woke up feeling like I had just arrived on earth and everything was new and fresh! Its clear that she is really passionate about this work, and I really felt taken care of.” – Xylia

Rebecca is an amazing healer. From the moment you walk in her home you feel at ease and are surrounded by sweet smells. Unity field healing is such a pleasure to experience. You sit down with Rebecca beforehand and have a tea or water and she tells you about it as you settle into your surroundings. The sessions occur on a massage table and she plays her sound healing CD during the practice which marries perfectly with this healing modality. The session is very relaxing as well as energetic. I can feel parts of my body tingle as my energy is activated and moves around inside me like streams. I have noticed significant changes since I have started taking the Unity Field Healing with Rebecca; I have had a stronger connection with my intuition/higher self. She channels the energy with such care and has a magical touch! Very powerful.” – Koala

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